Vacation English

 - Fundamental 16 - 

Best for tourists.

Students seeking a firm understanding of English basics will appreciate the lessons in this fast-paced course. An in-class experience designed for travelers at every English level. This course will improve your English while providing plenty of time for you to explore the city.

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Students will take a placement prior to the first day to find out their Listening & Speaking and Reading & Writing levels.

Students will be placed in split levels for their conversation skills and comprehension skills. 

Students will take midterms and finals exams as well as attend one-on-one sessions with teachers to review their progress.

Program Details.

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Student Testimonial.


“ This city offers a lot of things to do and many events to go to so I’m never bored here. The people are so friendly, relaxed, and laid-back. These are the main reasons why I chose to study here in San Diego.”


—Ceren Aksoy, Turkey