​US Student Exchange Preparation Course

Get ready for your J-1 Exchange Journey!!!

Is this your first time leaving home and going to the States? We are so proud of you for undertaking such a big step in your life! Moving to a new place can be intimidating. This is why we are here to help you just like how we have helped so many first-timers prepared to come to the states to start a new journey.

We have designed a program dedicated to what you will encounter during your J-1 exchange journey. This program is perfect for those who do not want to do something at the drop of a hat!

J-1 participants can enroll in our online course prior to their study abroad or work abroad program to improve their English skills and get familiar with American culture.

Course Highlights

Learn All Practical and Professional Topics before your J-1 Experience

Developed by professionals who have been in the field for more than 10 years

Personal Advice from Live Instructors

Self-paced Online Learning

Certificate upon Completion

Topics (20 Lessons):

  1. U.S. High School Overview

  2. American Culture

  3. Must-Know U.S. History & Politics

  4. Must-Know English Slang

  5. 5) Essential High School English by Subject

How Is This Course Conducted?

  • Pre-recorded Lectures

  • Online Learning Modules

  • Discussion Board

  • Quizzes and Tests

  • Helpful Notes

  • Personal Feedback & Advice