Test Preparation

Best for English Exam Candidates.

Designed for students planning to apply to a college, university, or graduate school in the United States, Q International School’s English language test preparation program helps develop exceptional test-taking strategies.

The IELTS/ TOEFL program will give students the skills and confidence to earn high scores, and prepare for university life. Dependent on your university or college preference, choose between the IELTS or TOEFL test preparation programs.

The GRE/ GMAT programs cover all components for GRE and GMAT preparation; including test-taking skills, analytical writing, mathematics and more. Dependent on your University or College preference, choose between the GRE or GMAT test preparation programs.


Students will take a placement prior to the first day to find out their Listening & Speaking and Reading & Writing levels.

Students will be placed in split levels for their conversation skills and comprehension skills. 

Students will take midterms and finals exams as well as attend one-on-one sessions with teachers to review their progress.

Program Details.

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Student Testimonial.


"I had a great experience at Q International School. It’s modern and it’s located just a few minutes’ walk from downtown San Diego. I spent there about two months, attending TOEFL Test Preparation classes. The teachers are very qualifi ed, professional and friendly. They encouraged me to reach my goal. The school staff is also amazing, I loved all the activities that they organized. It was very nice making friends with them and the other students, and I am glad we’re still in touch."

—Aurora Cilia, Italy (TOEFL Score: 110)