The student ambassador program is an exciting opportunity for all global entrepreneurs!

Student ambassadors have a strong level of enthusiasm for Q International School! They help organize school events and activities, and in turn develop their business and interpersonal skills by interactions with local businesses. Once the Student Ambassadors have completed the program, they will receive a letter of recommendation and a special certificate from Q International School.

Student Ambassadors play an essential component of the Q International School mission to be an innovative, student-centered organization.

Join the student ambassador program and share your experience, skills and leadership with current and prospective students!

Daily tasks include:

  • Organize school events and activities.
  • Provide student support.
  • Participate in special projects.
  • Communicate and negotiate with American businesses.
  • Conduct team and student meetings.
  • Supervise student volunteers.


  • Sharpen leadership, communication and public speaking skills.
  • Improve interpersonal and conversational skills.
  • Learn to effectively manage time.
  • Hone project management skills.
  • Enhance English proficiency skills.
  • Letter of recommendation and certificate of completion from Q International School.

Meet some of Q International School’s current Student Ambassadors!

Alaa Allaf

Hello, this is Alaa Allaf, I am from Saudi Arabia. I used to work as an Announcer on Saudi Sports TV but now I am here at Q International in San Diego studying English. I’ve been here since April 2014 and I’ll stay here until I reach my dream and get accepted at an Art University for a Masters degree in filmmaking.

San Diego is my favorite city, because of the perfect weather for living, great malls for shopping and beautiful beaches for swimming, surfing or even just contemplating the sunset! Are you a new student? An old student? Need someone to assist you? Whatever your language is, I am here for you! Feel free to ask me about the school. I am here to help you!

Yasser Alharbi

Hi, my name is Yasser Alharbi and I’m from Saudi Arabia. I have been in San Diego for almost two years and I would love to spend the rest of my life here, if I can. I chose San Diego for its beauty, weather and safety. Not to mention the gorgeous beaches. People here are friendly, which makes it easier for foreigners to make friends and adjust to American culture.

My plan is to improve my English, and after get my bachelors degree in computer science (specializing in network). Since I’ve been here for a while, I know how things work here, so, if you need any help, don’t hesitate to ask me.