From first encounter to graduation day and beyond, Q International takes pride in each student’s development.

As part of this commitment, Q International School encourages all students to push themselves out of their comfort zone, to be open to new experiences, and to participate in activities to discover – either a new talent, a new mindset, or something new about themselves.

Whether by volunteering side-to-side with San Diegan locals, traveling by way of public transportation, tasting new cuisines, or learning different traditions, student activities provide fundamental building blocks with infinite opportunities for growth.

Through Student Services, students:

  • Practice English communication skills by interacting with San Diego locals.
  • Expand their worldviews by examining the salad bowl of cultures that is San Diego.
  • Strengthen their sense of self, build self-confidence and explore their passions.


Activities are a great way for students to practice English, experience the American lifestyle, and make friends from around the world.

University Placement

Students completing the Q International School Academic English and Fundamental English programs fulfill the language entry requirements for more than 60 universities in the United States.


The Q International Mentorship Program provides the opportunity for every student to be matched with an American professional while studying English.


Student Ambassadors develop their English, business, and interpersonal skills by organizing school events and activities. Upon successful completion, students receive a certificate and letter of recommendation.


Students can choose accommodations from shared housing, apartments, or homestay. All accommodation options are easily accessible to Q International School via walking or local transportation.

Visa Information

Support staff will assist students throughout the Student Visa enrollment process, manage all required Visa documentation, and provide supporting materials.

Health Insurance

Students attending Q International School are required to have valid health insurance. Students may opt to participate in Q International School’s comprehensive health insurance plan coverage while enrolled in a program.