Specifically developed to prepare students for higher education in the United States, this course provides English training for those who wish to advance their Academic studies in a American College or University.

Academic English includes an essential online learning component ‘the Q Online Workshop’. This online service facilitates interactive learning through fun and challenging exercises. With Q Online Workshop, students have the flexibility of accelerating their English at their own pace.

Academic English

Program Details:

  • Intensity:
  • 24 Clock Hours per week
  • Average Class Size:
  • 3 to 12


  • From 1 to 12 Weeks
  • $510 per week
  • From 13 to 24 Weeks
  • $480 per week
  • 25+ Weeks
  • $450 per week


How many hours per week is the Academic English program?

The Academic English program is 24 hours per week.

What does my day look like with the Academic English program?

You will have classes in the morning until lunchtime, and then you will have your Q Online Workshop class after lunch for two days out of the four days that you attend classes.

You will also have your grammar class after lunch on the other two out of the four days that you attend classes.


We do not have class on Fridays.

What is the difference between Fundamental English and Academic English?

Fundamental English consists of 18 lesson hours and Academic English consists of 24 lesson hours. Both programs focus on integrated learning of the four skills (reading, writing, speaking, and listening).


Academic English, however, includes two additional classes: a class focused specifically on grammar, and an elective class.

Why is Q Online Workshop part of the program?

Q Online Workshop is an interactive component of both the Fundamental and Academic English programs. It helps you learn integrated English skills through the use of a computer in our lab. Q Online Workshop offers lots of interactive computer-based activities based on the four skills—reading, writing, listening and speaking; which are essential to learning English. Some of the activities include pronunciation, grammar and vocabulary matching, watching videos and answering questions, and much more.

Does the Academic English program offer breaks in between classes?

Yes, you get a 10-minute break in between each class.

What are the costs for the programs?

  • From 1 to 12 Weeks – $510 per week
  • From 13 to 24 Weeks – $480 per week
  • 25+ Weeks – $450 per week

Please get in touch with us on information regarding pricing.


“Q International School has changed my life. Many times I feel like I entered the school as a child, and left a grown woman ready to face the world. I was exposed to different cultures and activities, and I got to learn more about the world we live in. Today, thanks to everything I learned in the Academic English program at Q International School, I am in my second semester at a college here in San Diego. Words are not enough to describe how all the good memories and fun times I had at the school make me feel today.”
Deborah A., Brazil

“I recommend new students who are looking for an English school in San Diego to come to Q International School because they will pursue and develop their English skills here. I’ve benefitted from the small class sizes and having diverse classmates, which forced me to practice and speak English all the time. This was essential to develop my speaking as well as my listening, reading, writing and grammar skills. Whenever I have any questions, especially on grammar, the teachers are always able to answer any questions I have in great detail. The school also feels like family and the environment here will help you get what you need. If you are looking to get admitted to a college or university, the teachers here will help you from start to finish. So don’t worry and choose Q International school–you won’t regret it!”
Mohammed A., Turkey