Find out what our students have to say about their experience at Q International School.

“I have been a student a Q International School for a year and eight months before I became a graduate student at the University of Louisiana at Monroe. I came to the United States with less than basic English and now I am able to write research papers and give twenty minute speaking presentations. I attribute my success to a combination of desire, dedication and a good English school!”
Mohammed Ali A., Saudi Arabia

“Q International School has changed my life. Many times I feel like I entered the school as a child, and left a grown woman ready to face the world. I was exposed to different cultures and activities and I got to learn more about the world we live in. Today, thanks to all the knowledge and life experience I obtained from Q International School, I am in my second semester at a college here in San Diego. Words are not enough to describe how all the good memories and fun times I had at the school make me feel today. Thank you Q International School!”
Deborah Alencar De O., Brazil

“I think that Q’s TOEFL program is very beneficial. We can enhance our communication skills by practicing for the test. I learned a lot of new information which helped me write more precisely and to the point.”
John D., Kazakhstan

“I had a great experience at Q International School. It’s modern and it’s located just a few minutes’ walk from downtown San Diego. I attended the TOEFL Test Preparation classes for about two months. The teachers are very qualified, professional and friendly. They encouraged me to reach my goal. The school staff is also amazing. I loved all the activities that they organized. It was very nice making friends with them and the other students, and I am glad we’re still in touch.”
Aurora C., Italy

“This city offers a lot of things to do and many events to go to so I’m never bored here. The people are so friendly, relaxed and laid-back. These are the main reasons why I chose to study here in San Diego.”
Ceren A., Turkey

“I like Q International School because the environment is amazing. The teachers come to class with interactive lessons prepared. The classes are small, and therefore, the teachers give more attention to each student. In addition, the school has a huge program with extra activities for students to do after school or on the weekends.”
Bruno Silva M., Brazil