At Q International School, the success of our students is the best achievement.

Helping students develop stronger English skills, gain life experiences in a different culture, and go on to accomplish their dreams is a part of the Q International School mission. After completion of their studies, many of our graduates go on higher education institutions or pursue career goals that allow for greater experience in different countries. Here are some of their stories.

Taiyo K

Graduation date: July 26, 2017

How has attending Q International School impacted your success?: Before attending Q International School, my score on the TOEFL was 38 point. I needed to improve my TOEFL score to go to my choice college. Q International School suggested that I take extra class for TOEFL ibt to improve on the Reading and Listening section. Through the guidance of the staff and teachings of the instructors, I was able to improve my score beyond the requirement for TOEFL and get into my choice college.

Where are you now?: I live in Sacramento, CA. Currently, I am attending Sacramento City College.

Yeavin S.

Graduation date: February 2, 2017

How has attending Q International School impacted your success?: Because of Q International School, I met some amazing people who I still keep touch in with today and became involved with the local community, which would lead to my passion in volunteering. I also became more confident in English speaking and writing skills.

Where are you now?: I live in Panama. Currently, I volunteer my time at a local hostel where I work with the local community.

Minjee K

Graduation date: February, 2017

How has attending Q International School impacted your success?: Q International School was my stepping stone to launch my career in the U.S. When I first got to the States, everything was new to me. Q International School helped me adapt to the new environment. I made a lot of friends and picked up English fast through classes and activities. Aside from this, it was one of the best times in my life.

Where are you now?: Currently, I live in Boston. I work for a startup company as a web developer. My company helps HR managers recognize their employees. My role is to create a user-facing functionality on the web.