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The fundamental English program has dynamic and comprehensive courses designed for language learners to develop their English proficiency while providing a practical understanding of life in the United States. 


Completion of the advanced level in Q International School’s Fundamental English and Academic English programs fulfill the language entry requirements for our partner community colleges and universities.


Students will take a placement test on the first day to find out their Listening & Speaking and Reading & writing levels.

Students will be placed in split levels for their conversation skills and comprehension skills. 

Students will take midterms and finals exams as well as attend one-on-one sessions with teachers to review their progress.

“I like Q International School because the environment is amazing. The teachers come to class with interactive lessons prepared.

The classes are small, and therefore, the teachers can give more attention to each student. In addition, the school has a huge program with extra activities for students to do after school or on the weekends.”


—Bruno Silva Moreira, Brazil


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