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Professionals working in today’s international business environment need to communicate confidently, accurately and effectively in English.


This course is a comprehensive introduction to business vocabulary, case studies, effective communication, and overall concepts and practices in the English-speaking business environment.


A Business English Certificate will be awarded upon completion.


Students will take a placement test on the first day to find out their Listening & Speaking and Reading & writing levels.

Students will be placed in split levels for their conversation skills and comprehension skills. 

Students will take midterms and finals exams as well as attend one-on-one sessions with teachers to review their progress.

Student Testimonial.

Mohammed Ahisan_edited.png

I had been a student at Q International School for a year and eight months before I became a graduate student at the University of Louisiana at Monroe. I came to the United States with less than basic English and now I am able to write research papers and give twenty minute speaking presentations. I attribute my success to a combination of desire, dedication and a good English school!

—Mohammed Ali Alsalahi, Saudi Arabia

Program Details.

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