Why Enroll at Q International School?

Located in an ideal location, our beautiful campus and proximity to downtown make us a popular institution for students from around the world. Our campus comes fully equipped with a computer lab, comfortable classrooms, student lounges, multiple meditation rooms, a yoga room, access to an on-site massage clinic, on-site coffee cart, and much more. We pride ourselves on being one of San Diego’s premier English schools. At Q International we do everything we can to make your study transition as easy as possible. Whether you are looking to improve your English, make friends, form connections or improve yourself, Q International School is the perfect option!

Our top reasons to enroll at Q International School:

  1. Improve your English proficiency skills
  2. Join our diverse student community
  3. Overcome challenges as you learn to become independent and self-reliant
  4. Learn about different cultures and backgrounds and broaden your horizons
  5. Explore what is beyond your comfort zone
  6. Enjoy beautiful facilities that promote student learning including:
    1. Classrooms equipped with innovative learning tools such as rotatable chairs, projectors and more
    2. On-site Coffee Cart
    3. On-site Massage Clinic
    4. Meditation Rooms
    5. Yoga Room
    6. Q Technology Center, our large Technology Center equipped with computers and latest software
  7. Immerse yourself in American culture
  8. Discover your own identify and individuality
  9. Strengthen essential job and life skills

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Seize your moment

Our pathways and programs are designed to challenge every student academically and foster individualized growth. Our students thrive from acquiring a new language by immersing themselves into a new culture, further developing a unique and personal perspective of the world. Through a dynamic and holistic curriculum, students at Q International School improve their English by venturing outside their comfort zone to learn about themselves and the world around them. The combination of dynamic hands-on learning intertwined with self-discovery and a relevant curriculum have proven to be the most effective way of opening the eyes of our students to the various perspectives of the world. We challenge our students by teaching them how to be better leaders and innovators, and how to be independent anywhere in the world.


Our continued investment in technology is an investment in your future

As active innovators and academic leaders, Q International School has invested in seamlessly integrating technology into the classroom. Where students once used traditional text materials, our students engage with the classroom materials through the use of our tablets. Further expanding the classroom beyond the walls and time slot, we provide our students with the tools necessary for active learning. Students, whether on their computer, desktop or phone, will have access to Engrade, our online learning management system. With the ease of a touch, students can track their progress, complete assignments, and practice their English.

While on-campus, our students have access to our spacious computer lab. Available for use during school hours, our computer lab offers 26 computers for student use. Students can retreat and concentrate on enhancing their classroom learning, or sit back and relax as they practice their speaking skills online.


Creating the ideal environment to enhance your productivity

Located in San Diego’s famous ‘Little Italy”, the Q International School campus is just blocks from the San Diego Bay. With every mode of transportation available, Q International School is easily accessible. From our friendly staff to our beautifully designed facilities, Q International School provides students with the resources to succeed.

The School is well-equipped with the following:

  • Modern Classrooms
    • We continually design our facilities with our student’s learning in mind. From the chairs to the walls, every aspect of our institution is created with our students in mind.
  • Spacious Student Lounge
    • Our spacious student lounge is the perfect location to sit back, relax and make new friends. Feel at home as you practice your English proficiency skills in a comfortable, safe and modern environment.
  • TOEFL Testing Center
    • Q International School is a certified TOEFL Testing Center. This space is used to simulate a real test-taking environment where students may practice test-taking strategies.
  • Q Technology Center (QTC)
    • Our comfortable computer lab has a total of 26 computers which are available to students during school hours. Students can retreat and concentrate on enhancing their classroom learning, or sit back and relax as they practice their speaking skills online.
  • On-site Coffee Cart
    • Just a few steps from the front lobby is Zensational, our coffee cart. Students may enjoy a variety of assorted pastries, organic coffees, teas, and specialty drinks such as Boba, all at a reasonable price.
  • On-site Massage Clinic
    • Located on-site, the Mind Body Soul Center provides a variety of professional-quality services from a student-trained massage therapist or a fully licensed massage therapist. Expect to receive any of the following massage therapies when visiting the Mind Body Soul Center: Relaxation/Parasympathetic Massage, Circulatory Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Sports Massage, Craniosacral Massage, Pregnancy Massage, Myofascial Release, Lymphatic Drainage and Structural Integration.











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