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Students are actively encouraged to engage with the Q International School community which is built upon a group of people creating a positive, supportive and compassionate space to live and grow. We take an interest in our student’s development, from first encounter to graduation day and beyond. This means we are sensitive to each student’s particular cultural background, a strong consideration of ours, thus helping them reach their full potential – from the moment they depart their home country to the day they commemorate their graduation.

Our student activities provide fundamental building blocks with infinite opportunities for growth. Every student, regardless of their chosen pathway, will have activities that cater to their goals and aspirations. We encourage all of our students to push themselves out of their comfort zone, to be open to new experiences, and to participate in our activities with the intention that they discover – either a new talent, a new mindset, or something new about themselves. We aim to share and learn from one another – whether by volunteering side-to-side with San Diegan locals, traveling by way of public transportation, tasting local cuisine or by learning traditions from others. Through this exchange, students have an opportunity to reflect on their own shared experiences, as well as consider how their participation may shape, and further impact their own learning.

By exploring different student activities, our students will:

  • Learn how to navigate an ever changing environment
  • Learn and practice English communication skills through interactions with San Diego locals
  • Gain a basic understanding of the San Diego region through language, politics, history, culture and religion
  • Examine the melting pop of cultures that is San Diego
  • Strengthen their sense of self, build self-confidence and explore their passions



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Visa/Immigration Preparation

Once students are granted eligibility and admitted into Q International School, our staff works to manage the visa and immigration preparation process. Q International School works directly with the student to collect all required visa, passport and immigration documentation so that no material lacks crucial information needed for successful entry into the United States. With numerous years of experience, our staff will manage all required documents and support materials. Each student and his or her paperwork are handled individually, with care and diligence.

Health Insurance

We understand the many unknowns and fears that are associated with a lack of health insurance. You can rest assured that with our health insurance you will have access to reputable doctors and medical facilities during your time at Q International School. Our comprehensive health insurance plan covers each student throughout the course of enrollment and offers a 24/7 emergency help link, 24/7 access to medical care, doctor visits and medications.

Airport Pickup Service

Q International School provides airport pick-up services from San Diego International Airport/Lindbergh Field (SAN) to Q International School or to your residence, granted that the location is within ten miles of the airport. We ask that you provide Q International School your flight information at least 10 days prior to your arrival date. Please include your arrival time, airline service, flight number(s), and domestic point of origin. You will receive a confirmation email from Q International School at least five days prior to your scheduled arrival date.

Once your plane lands, it may take one-two hours before you are processed through the Port of Entry (procedure required for entrance to the United States). Once you are cleared through the Port of Entry, look for the Q International School representative who will be holding a sign with the Q International School logo and your name.

Homestay Housing

Q International School goes to whatever lengths necessary to guarantee that every student is safe and well-protected. Our homestay families are carefully screened and selected for their clean, safe and comfortable living arrangements. Each member of the prospective family is background checked and interviewed by Q International School staff. Q International School delineates and enforces clear guidelines and policies for host families, students, and school administrators to ensure the health, safety and welfare of all of our students.

Student Housing

Q International School works with local residence clubs to ensure that students receive the lowest rates available. Through our connections at Vantaggio Suites, beautiful single and shared rooms are available in the heart of Little Italy, walking distance to school.

Student Activities

Q International School organizes field trips and extracurricular activities for students to participate in their new cultural surroundings. Each activity is partnered with a corresponding pathway, to ensure that activities are meaningful and in line with our students’ goals. Student activities are a great way for students to experience the American lifestyle. Students activities such as the San Diego Zoo, Universal Studios, camping, hiking, BBQs, bonfires on the beach, surfing and much more. For a listing of Q International School’s activities.

Cultural Growth

Q International School embraces the multicultural flavor incoming students bring to our academic and social atmosphere. We understand that in addition to ideas, our students share values, customs, and traditions with each other.  It is this sharing of cultures and experiences that result in life-long friendships and a deep international network of global citizens that connects our students.

University Counseling

When the intense and competitive university application process begins, Q International School is here to help our students maximize their admissions outcomes. If requested, Q International School can help reach your specific goals and targets. Every year, Q International School organizes a university-planning workshop that focuses on areas such as test preparation, college essay writing, and how to stand out in university applications. Students are advised to compose an impressive portfolio that showcases their individual and special achievements. Over the years, Q International School has set students out on the right foot to lead them towards acceptance into some of the top American colleges and Universities.











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