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IELTS Test Preparation




LEVEL: Intermediate - AdvancedCLASS SIZE: 5 to 20 studentsCOURSE TYPE: Test Prep

  22 HOURS



About this course

Designed for students planning to apply to a college or university in the United States, Q International’s integrated language test preparation will give you the skills and confidence you need to register for the exam, score well and prepare for academic life.

What you'll learn

The IELTS course is designed to prepare students to master the IELTS test. At Q International School our teachers come highly trained in the IELTS test practices. Students in the IELTS program will learn the different components of the IELTS test, while at the same time perfecting their English language ability. Classes in the IELTS program consist of: IELTS Listening, IELTS Speaking, IELTS Reading, IELTS Writing, IELTS Skills, and IELTS Test Preparation. Each classes a different section of the IELTS exam, and prepares the student for the rigorous demands of the English proficiency test. TOEFL Listening class uses real TOEFL listening sections and practice problems to expose students to different accents, lectures, notes, and situations. The IELTS Reading classes uses a broad range of topics and articles to provide students a better overall understanding of the type of reading that will appear on the IELTS exam. The IELTS Speaking class works with different prompts and subjects to time students in their responses. The IELTS Writing classes teaches the various writing sections given on the IELTS test and the best possible way to organize and develop a strong written response. Each class offers excellent preparation for whatever skills necessary to reach your goal.

Program Details

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22 Hours
Q International School
IELTS Test Prep
5 to 20


Q International uses the Communicative Method supported by technology. Students improve their English skills by speaking in classroom discussions, participating in group activities, giving presentations, and working in pairs. Engaging teachers, e-books on tablets, embedded multimedia and interactive technology bring classroom topics to life.


Class participation is essential! It counts toward a majority of your final grade so please be thoroughly prepared to discuss the material in class.


Q International School offers a variety of resources to fit your academic and individual needs. Our campus is fully equipped with everything needed to study happily and comfortably in the United States. We offer a full computer lab, to work with computer programs as well as print any work needed for class. Our computer lab also comes installed with the Oxford textbooks for extra practice outside of class. Q International School offers free Wi-Fi for students, a comfortable student lounge, a full student kitchen, and a quiet library to study. Q School will also allocate time for you to meet with college counselors to plan your future, and best prepare you for college or university.

One on One Tuturing

Q International School also offers guided tutoring from any of our instructors. Students are able to sign up for one on one lessons with teachers in order to experience specific and guided lessons. One on one lessons are an excellent option to boost your English to the next level. By working with a teacher you can master any troublesome grammar, expand your vocabulary, or receive valuable conversation time with an experiences professional.