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Our Pathway Program opens the eyes of young learners and helps them learn more about themselves and their world. Choose from four available pathways: Academic, Career, Discovery and Vacation. Our curriculum and mentorship program tailor to your chosen pathway. Our students come from different backgrounds and have many different reasons for attending our programs; however, they have one very one commonality – they all want to grow. We believe that student experiences help cultivate a strong foundation for learning, and strive to help each of our students strengthen their passions.

On multiple levels, a pathway program with Q International School will make a new world of differences for young learners. Rediscover your passion for learning to enhance your future aspirations and goals. Our classroom curriculum develops language acquisition, cross-cultural awareness, self-reliance, personal growth, life-changing experiences - all with your Pathway goals in mind.

Our top reasons to enroll in our Pathway Program include:
1. Develop language competency for today’s global marketplace
2. Receive a relevant education related to your chosen study
3. Discover your passions and ambitions
4. Receive ongoing mentorship with an experienced mentor
5. Increase your cross-cultural awareness in a globalized world

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The Academic Pathway

Ideal for students who wish to improve their English speaking and writing skills for an American university. Improve your English Proficiency for Higher Education as you receive ongoing guidance and mentorship throughout the College Application Process. Students will develop their listening, speaking, reading, writing, grammar, pronunciation, vocabulary and test-taking skills to be proficient in a university setting.

  • Prepare your English Proficiency for Higher Education
  • Receive support during the college application process
  • Improve your IELTS, TOEFL, GRE or GMAT test scores

The Career Pathway

Our comprehensive, development career pathway is designed to assist students in implementing their learned English skills towards their occupational choice. Be proficient in English Fluency to be used in a professional business setting. Our Career Pathway will help you acquire skills and experience necessary to succeed in your chosen field. Develop your skills for a changing workplace by improving your interviewing and resume building skills, learn proper business etiquette, practice negotiation skills, and be trained in cross-cultural communication.

  • Be proficient in English fluency, for use in professional business settings
  • Acquire practical and relevant training skills for the workplace environment
  • Develop networking, negotiating and cross-cultural communication skills

The Discovery Pathway

Through the combination of hands-on learning intertwined with self-discovery, students in the Discovery pathway are exposed to different perspectives of the world. We find that our students thrive in acquiring a new language by developing a unique perspective on themselves and the world around them. Develop skills in English Proficiency at your own pace with a customized academic plan.

  • Reignite your passions and drive as you examine different cultures relative to your identity
  • Explore the San Diego community
  • Practice your English conversation skills with others around the world

The Vacation Pathway

Improve your English proficiency while you spend your holidays in San Diego. From cool, ancient redwood forests to the windy peaks of the tallest mountains, to the hot deserts of Death Valley, California is a nature lover’s paradise – yet, at the same time, for the urbanite, California offers the glamor of Hollywood, the worldly sophistication of San Francisco, and the technology research enclaves of San Diego. Let us help you get the experience of a lifetime as you discover San Diego’s rich mountain trails, urban sprawls, and pristine beaches. The Vacation pathway is ideal for students who wish to develop their individuality and experience growth at their own pace.

  • Learn English while experiencing San Diego’s rich history and culture
  • Establish a fulfilling balance between education and exploration
  • Apply your passion for success and become a leader within this global community











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