Mentorship Program

The Q International School Mentorship Program was designed with your goals and ambitions in mind. Upon enrolling into one of our Pathways, our students are assigned a mentor to guide them through the Q International School experience. Your mentor has the experience, expertise, and wisdom to successfully guide you through your pathway and achieve whichever goals you have established for yourself.

Our Mentorship Program fosters relationships aimed at high-level leadership skills, personal development and English proficiency within a structured timeframe. Throughout the mentorship process, you will work towards establishing and meeting goals while receiving support and engagement from your mentor.

Our top reasons to join our Mentorship Program


  1. Getting Helpful Advice

Through their experiences, mentors have gone through the ups and downs. Whether it is providing advice on how to approach an exam problem or how to structure your cover letter, getting advice from a mentor will help you tackle your next challenge.

  1. Finding a Solid Support Network

Joining our mentoring program provides you with access to a fantastic support network. We have all had a crisis moment, and while Googling inspirational quotes may sporadically help, having a real like-minded human to talk to is certainly better. Mentors are always there to remind you that a poor assignment mark or missing out on that big opportunity does not need to be the end of the world.

  1. Encouragement

Your mentor has likely experienced similar challenges that you will encounter. In discussing how they overcame their challenges, mentors can inspire you to reach the finish line and continue pursuing your goals.

  1. Building Valuable Skills

Being involved in a mentoring program will be valuable for building your communication and network skills. These skills will help you make new friends, do well in group assignments and are especially important once you enter the workplace. Having the skills to communicate effectively and work well with others is crucial to your success, and there is no better place to build these skills than in a comfortable setting.

  1. Invaluable Memories

Joining a mentorship program not only helps you stay balanced throughout your time at Q International School but can result in long-lasting friendships that will provide you with some of your most cherished memories.

  1. Accountability

A mentor will provide you with honest feedback and hold you accountable to meeting your learning goals.











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