The History of Q International School

Q International School, located in the heart of downtown San Diego, has served the international community for more than 15 years. From improved diversity, building and facility renovations, the addition of the Mind Body Soul Center, our on-site massage clinic, and Zensational, our on-site coffee cart, Q International School has seen tremendous growth in the past few years.  As part of our mission, we are committed to inspiring our students to achieve academic excellence while providing a foundation for personal growth. After completing their studies at Q International School, many of our graduates have gone on to attend a university in the United States, worked for an international company, improved their clientele, expanded their businesses, and have continued to inspire the next generation of innovators.

Our Core Values

A unique, holistic approach

  1. Our pathway program keeps students constantly engaged

Our dynamic instructors provide relevant discussion and classroom topics tailored to our students’ goals for studying English. By having relevant classroom themes, our students find that they are actively engaged in their learning. Our mentors provide continual oversight to ensure that learning outcomes are being met.

  1. We believe in our student’s natural talents and growth potential

We are not only known for our rich history, strong traditions, and reputation, but also our devotion to our students. We understand that students thrive in a rigorous academic environment where they feel supported and acknowledged for their individual strengths, their academic accomplishments and achieving their personal goals. We get to know our students, respect their individuality and support them in all of their academic endeavors.

  1. Our students are able to adapt to a continuously changing world

Through the combination of personalized academic plans, student-centered instruction, and counseling, our students have developed positive habits of the mind and heart, which allows them to dynamically respond to a continuously changing world.

  1. Our teachers and staff members are amazing at what they do

With years of experience teaching English both domestically and internationally, our teachers come from a variety of different backgrounds. Our teachers are encouraged to teach relevant topics rather than lecture.

  1. Nothing is more important to us than our student’s welfare

Our student’s welfare comes first, always.

Our Curriculum

Through a dynamic and holistic curriculum, Q International School students are challenged to step beyond their comfort zone to better understand themselves and the world around them. To cultivate our student’s passions and dreams, we are proud to offer a wide range of courses that engage the mind, body and spirit. With an emphasis on communicative learning, our Pathways are designed to actively engage and challenge our students by way of self-reflection.

Our team of curriculum specialists continually work to improve Q International School’s curriculum. Years’ worth of measurable student outcome data, a mentor-based curriculum, and continued research keeps Q International School’s curriculum as one of the leaders in language acquisition.

To assist our students with the English acquisition, assessments occur at regular intervals throughout your learning journey. Progress can be tracked at every level, to each unique learning outcome through our online platform, Engrade. For every score we receive below perfect, we take immediate action to ensure that students receive the attention and assistance necessary for improvement.

Our Teaching Methodology

Be involved in dynamic classroom interactions in which you actively explore real-world challenges and opportunities. As part of your classroom activities, you will work on improving your English skills in small groups, pairs, or individually, meet your fellow peers, investigate and respond to complex challenges and problems, partake in a variety of student-centered activities, and be exposed to different cultures. As you improve your English proficiency, you will find that your ability to articulate and express yourself will begin to shape and form.

At Q International School, we are committed to our student’s language-learning journey. Our dynamic courses provide a framework for learning, whereby each lesson focuses on relevant topics. With a curriculum developed by industry professionals and based on measurable outcomes, our instructors’ approach to teaching follows the communicative approach. Students experience all aspects of the English language, not only through class assessments but through daily interactions both inside and outside the classroom.

Upon your arrival, you will meet with a team of mentors specific to your pathway. The mentor(s) will collaborate with you to assess your needs and help you meet your goals. Whether you wish to develop your English for the American University system, or expand your clientele, our mentors will see that your goals are met. As you engage in classroom discussions, not only will you improve your English, you will respond to questions, problems, and scenarios that are relevant to your chosen pathway.











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